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I've tasted these coffee cakes and they're every bit as good as they look - sweet and scrumptious. Too good - one slice leads to another!

Gillian Anderson

Product Information – Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug, Wide Base
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Product Information – Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug, Wide Base Product Information:
Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug – Wide Base

Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug, Wide Base Dimensions: 4 ¾ inches at the base (5 ½ inches wide including the handle), 3 3/8 inches at the top and 5 1/2 inches tall.
Lid Depth:Top of lid is 7/8 inches from top of mug
Capacity: 16 ounces
Materials: Mug – Ceramic/Stoneware, Base – Silicon, Lid - Polypropylene (plastic).
Country of Origin: Ceramic Stoneware - China, Polypropylene (plastic) Lid - United States, Silicon Base Ring - United States

Silicon Base Installation Instructions: The silicon ring on the base is removable and can be reinstalled, but it is a tight fit. For best results put the mug upside down in a sink or basin, with a towel or cloth for cushioning. This will keep it from sliding around while reinstalling the silicon ring. Gently stretch the ring around the base until it is evenly installed.

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