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"The Grandmas Original Fruit and Nut Cake Ring was the
> winner this year. It is the fruitcake we have been looking
> for that resembles the ones we grew up with. "
-- customer
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FruitcakesWe’ve all heard them – the infamous fruitcake jokes! “Why is history like a fruit cake? Because it is full of dates!” “Why do fruitcakes make ideal gifts? Because the Postal Service has been unable to find a way to damage them”. And then there is everybody’s favorite fruit cake recipe: Nuts, dried fruit, eggs, brown sugar, salt and a couple bottles of bourbon – for the chef. (See Fruitcake jokes for the complete recipe).

In spite of the jokes fruit cake, if properly made, is delicious. Good fruitcake calls for top quality fruits and nuts with just enough buttery-rich batter to hold them together, careful baking and several weeks to “mellow” wrapped in cloth soaked with fine liquors. It is a slow process but one that pays off with rich, colorful, buttery fruitcakes that are as good in mid-summer as they are for Christmas. Enjoy fruitcakes of exceptional quality.

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