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I've tasted these coffee cakes and they're every bit as good as they look - sweet and scrumptious. Too good - one slice leads to another!

Gillian Anderson

The History of the French Press Coffee Maker
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The History of the French Press Coffee Maker The History of the French Press Coffee Maker

It is believed that a Frenchman invented the Coffee French Press or Coffee Press somewhere around the late 1800s. Back then the easiest way to make coffee – pretty much anywhere in the world -- was by boiling the coffee in water and allowing the grounds to settle. By a stroke of luck or forgetfulness this Frenchman boiled the water alone, having forgotten to add coffee. Not one to waste resources as it would take more firewood to boil another pot, he put ground coffee in a jar and poured the boiling water over it – the coffee floated to the top as it was brewing, which didn’t make for an appealing drink. The Frenchman fitted a piece of screen, which he used to press the coffee grounds to the bottom of the jar. He tasted the coffee – so much better than boiling the coffee and water together – and the French Press Pot was born. The French Press as we know it is actually attributed to an Italian designer named Calimani; he took the French Press Coffee Maker a step further by using a glass jar with a spout, much like a laboratory beaker, and fashioned a plunger with a filter on the end to press the ground coffee to the bottom of the pot. offers French Press Coffee Makers in a variety of sizes and materials. See French Press Coffee Instructions for making coffee with a french press.

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