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“Received a Dresdner Stollen last Christmas and loved it, it is so delicious I will order to give as gifts next Christmas and get one for myself!"
-- Customer
Original Dresdner Reimann Stollen in a Gift Box
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Original Dresdner Reimann Stollen in a Gift Box
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Special Price : $27.95
Manufacturer : Emil Reimann Original Dresdner Stollen
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Our best selling traditional holiday stollen! We are sold out of the Stollen in a gift box for the 2018 holiday season. Please check back next year.

The Christmas cake known as Stollen was first baked in Dresden, Germany around 1450. Stollen is traditionally a dry, but very flavorful cake. Hand made in Emil Reimann's Backerei in Dresden, Germany and affixed with a seal of quality from the Dresdner's Baker's Guild. This cake is one of the richest of rich German cakes – made with fresh butter, eggs, raisins and candied fruit. A cherished German sweet Christmas holiday cake. Some say the dusting of powdered sugar on the cake is meant to represent the Christ Child in swaddling cloths. This 26.4 ounce stollen serves 10-12 and comes in a decorative box.

German pastries, such as stollen are a bit drier than American style cakes. To make your stollen moister simply toast lightly and spread with soft butter. For a little added sweetness, sprinkle with extra powdered sugar (packet included) . Also comes with storage bag that matches the box.

Emil Reimann Original Dresdner Stollen marks the legendary holiday cake served during the Christmas Holiday season. Dating back to the 14th century, to bear the name Dresden, the stollen must be baked in or around Dresden, Germany. Award winning Original Dresdner Stollen are packaged in handsome gift boxes.

Genuine Dresdner Stollen is only baked by bakeries in and around Dresden, Germany.

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German Cranberry Stollen Christmas Cake
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Shop Now, Ship Later! At checkout you can specify your ship date for any date in the future.

Stollen is a German tradition. It’s a sweet, fruit-filled bread made to celebrate the holidays. We’ve taken this German classic and paired it with a classic ingredient – cranberries. Slice into this cake and discover the simple beautify of these brilliantly hued red berries. Taste the subtle bite of tartness from the cranberries and the sweetness from the candied orange and luscious marzipan (almond) filling in our Cranberry Stollen.

Cranberry Stollen comes in colorful festive holiday gift box and is 17.5 Oz. Imported from Soest, Germany

Kuchenmeister has been making stolen since 1884 and continues to bake with traditional methods using only the finest ingredients. Consider this your ticket to a worldly delight!

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Selections for the Custom Coffee Cake Sampler include Cinnamon Walnut, Granny Smith Apple, Blueberry, Ted Williams All Star Chocolate, Lower Fat Cinnamon Walnut, No Walnut Cinnamon, Golden Raspberry and Cape Cod Cranberry Coffee Cakes. My Grandma’s coffee cakes stay fresh on the counter for a week or can be frozen up to four months. Kosher Certified and contains no trans fats, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring or preservatives!

Excellent value-any three coffee cakes for one low price!

** Due to fluctuations in our inventory we reserve the right to substitute an alternate cake in your sampler if necessary. If, after taking your order, a particular cake becomes unavailable, we will substitute it with one of our other gourmet cakes of equal or greater value.

Enjoy our baked in the USA products!

Price : $89.90
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