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I've tasted these coffee cakes and they're every bit as good as they look - sweet and scrumptious. Too good - one slice leads to another!

Gillian Anderson

The History of Coffee with Milk - Cafe au Lait
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The History of serving coffee with milk

The Turks introduced coffee to Europeans, who didn't really like it much in the beginning. When a Turkish ambassador introduced coffee to Paris, France, it was seen as just a novelty beverage for those infatuated with all things Turkish. Soon cafes opened and coffee was enjoyed along with conversation and gossip. It is believed that the French originally used a "teabag" method of brewing coffee - putting ground coffee in a bag and pouring boiling water over it so that the grounds could be removed - quite different from the Turkish method where coffee was brewed by boiling water and coffee together and allowing the grounds to settle out in the cup. The French also introduced milk to coffee - the previous cultures of Ethiopia and Arabia who enjoyed coffee were not milk drinkers, as were the French, who invented coffee-milk or "Café au Lait, and still enjoy it today, especially for breakfast. Click here for a Cafe au Lait Recipe.

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